The Head or the Heart

“The winner takes all.” she said. So, I listened with my head

“You must use the positive start.” So, I listened with my heart.

That’s all I needed to know, for the heart to win just so

The heart is the source of feeling, emotion from it revealing

If your heart is always used, it will lead you from being confused

When dealing with human life, free from worry, free from strife

It is the path that will work out, from this there is no doubt

It takes patience to learn, and is not something of concern

When thinking with your head, remember, it is the ego instead

It is certainly an art, that of thinking with the heart

The next time you need to know, close your eyes to think quite slow

The answer will come to you, as if quite out of the blue

Your heart will always deliver, and you will be a true believer

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