The Hummingbird

Today is not the same as it was yesterday. Hm. Well, that isn’t anything new. I was watching the birds in the yard. Ok, I think they were talking to me. But, mostly, they were just being birds and, oh, I forgot to tell you that they are hummingbirds. Yes, they buzz around and are good for the pomegranates. I just love pomegranates. And, I really love hummingbirds.

Once, while sitting, I knew what I saw

A tiny hummingbird without any flaw

It changed direction and flew by my ear

I wanted to touch it and hold it near

Looking at the bird, I saw the shimmer

Its sparkling feathers were all about glimmer

As it moved, it hummed from which came its name

What a unique descriptor giving it fame

I’m delighted to say that we have not just one

Each morning I watch them as I sit in the sun

They hum and move and create such delight

I want them to stay close, within my sight

I want them to hum so my heart takes a jump

Then, one flies by me, the tiniest little chump

I hear it, I see it, I wish I could touch

I just really love the hummingbird so very much

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