The Teacher

I started teaching when I was quite young

It was never about teaching, it was mostly about fun

The students would come to my class to learn

It was soon apparent that I wasn’t too stern

I wanted to teach about the ways of life

How to handle yourself amidst crisis and strife

We seemed to talk a lot during our class

Not exactly what students needed for tests to pass

Some days students had more than their share

Of difficulties at home, sometimes from elsewhere

I would listen because they needed to talk

It was part of the job, I didn’t want them to walk

They needed help, and they sought it from me

So, I soon became like a listening tree

I was amazed at what students had to endure

My hope was that talking would help with a cure

Or, maybe just help to see the way ahead

To know life had more for them instead

Instead of the strife that was holding them back

They needed opportunity to start a new track

I have good memories from these many years

Now, thinking about teaching, it brings me to tears

I am thankful for the time I was able to teach

I only hope I gave a positive speech

It wasn’t always easy but I loved it so

Love implanted in my heart for the students I owe

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