W-A-L-K-ing the Dogs

They are sitting, waiting for me
Their looks could probably pierce
I’m not quite ready to go
I check their looks, now they’re fierce

I have to spell the word out
W – A – L – K
For they understand too well
All the words that I seem to say

How can they be so sweet
These little pets of mine
And, yet, they pester both of us
Everyday, and most of our time

We wouldn’t be without them
They are certainly a gift
When we feel down in the dumps
They give us a huge uplift

We cannot think about losing them
It is even too hard to say
For they are the lights of our lives
These dogs, our pets, our play

The next time you come to visit
You will hear W – A – L – K
Plan on taking a hike with me
And, three furry friends, okay?

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