Some stories, some poetry and some beautiful artwork.
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Table of Contents

When It BeganInspired by Art
The Bull
The Stare of the Grizzly
When Life is FunAbout the Applesauce
Airport Angel
As the Sun Sets
Easter Fun
The Diet View of Self
W-A-L-K-ing the Dogs
The Interview
The 280Z
The Aspens
When It Involves the HeartA Heartbeat for the Heart
And, If I’m Thinking
A Mother’s Thought
A Little Kindness
As Friends Do
When People are SpecialThe Sad of My Heart
Big Sky Ski
My Father’s Voice
The Angel Rose
The Gardner
The Meaning of Slant
Lana is an Artist
When It Involves TimeAs Little Girls Grow
As Time Passes
Hope is the Vision
Just For Today
Just Close Your Eyes
When People Capture Your HeartDr. Caputo
Elvis Old Bull
Happy Birthday, Hubby
The Man in the Dream
What Students Have Taught Me
When Courtney Sings
When Animals MatterCheyenne of My Heart
Eagle Eye
The Buffalo
The Hummingbird
The King
The Sly of the Wolf
The Stare
When Life HappensCommunity Neighbor
For Sisters
Heart Energy
In Times of Trouble
It is Only Temporary
The Head or the Heart
The Listening Tree
When the Wind BlowsThe Motion of Change
The Poisoned Mind
The Secret Door
The Songwriter, She Said
The Sound of Thinking
The Stranger
When We Feel Life The Taste of Wine
The Teacher
The Tree of Love
The Water Flows