Speaking of Wine

As I begin to write this, I truly understand
That kindness is a gift to self, a gift of sweet demand
For when you give to someone else, it comes back to your heart
The feeling strong within a song from you it does not part
And once I gave a gift of wine, I thought the gift unique
I forgot that the receiver was a connoisseur, a wine geek
It should not have mattered for if I could not tell
The person who received the gift was just an awkward quell
For he did not know that I had tried so to impress
It mattered not to him, he could not have cared less
The gift to him was just a thing, his finances were so great
It did not make a difference, for proud had been my state
I tried to make an impression, for that I realize now
Impressions do not the person make, I learned this, oh and how
I learned that to give a gift can only be an act
The act of giving kindness, for sure it is a fact
When your heart is right you know, the gift it may be tough
Remember it’s the thought that counts, and that will be enough

When I Miss Her

I’m working on a memory, for me it rings so true
The constant thought I’m thinking, and then I feel so blue
She was a solid corner in my world it seems to be
And even though she’s disappeared, I can feel her next to me

For as I said my thoughts ring true, a mind cannot escape
A mind that works continually, it has no constant shape
The mind is second to the heart, for that is when we know
We know the heart is beating because we feel it as we go

So that, dear friends, is all we know when we agreed to be
A stronger feeling within the song, the beating continually
We know we live because we hear the song our heart does beat
The beating heart connects to all, to everyone we meet

Don’t dismay when one is gone, it’s something we cannot see
Just as the heart connects to all, remember it’s like the tree
The roots go here and over there, a connection to the earth
It’s where we are from, to where we go, as we have known from birth

And When My Heart Breaks

I write because my heart does break
I write because I laugh
I write as rain begins to pour
But that is only half

So as I write I hear the voice
To me its sound so sweet
The voice I hear continues on
Celebrating as complete

For when you know it is not sure
You only say what is
For everything is incomplete
When it is not your biz

The thought that maybe you would hear
The sound disrupting song
The song is intertwined with life
Much like where you belong

As we move, our hearts do beat
It’s clear from what we hear
The song is pushing into us
What is or isn’t near

Once again we move ourselves
With this each passing day
We only know what we can know
And, then for us to say

I need a change, I want a new
As this life is not to be
You think you know what isn’t there
Did you stop to hear the tree?

Yes, a tree, the fool knows not
For life is all around
The music beats within the soul
The meaning becomes the sound

Sometimes You Laugh

I flitted around the room one day, then decided to make a call

The call I made to someone, that someone is quite the doll

As we began to speak our minds, I noticed we started to giggle

The less we spoke, the more we laughed, soon I began to jiggle

I jiggled because I laughed so hard about what was never said

The more we laughed, the funnier it was, the laughter stuck in my head

The laugh died down but not for long as we burst out laughing again

I decided it was time to stop the call as the laughing would never end

Before I knew it the phone did ring, the person calling was new

We spoke a little and soon it began, the laughing began to spew

I thought to myself, “How can this be?” for soon goodbye was said

The only thing that could be heard to me was the laughter in my head

When Dreams are a Gift

I had a dream a few nights ago, it was vivid and clear to me

In my dream I walked my dogs, on a path and by a tree

When suddenly above my head a shadow did appear

I looked up to see what was frightening me to calm my inner fear

I saw a bird so very large, it was incredibly beautiful, you see

As it flew, I knew it was true, the bird, an eagle from history

First he swooped around my group, then he decided to land

That’s when the eagle looked at me, I noticed the problem at hand

Around its leg a string had wrapped with a kite dragging behind

That’s when I knew he needed my help so he was no longer confined

I tried to figure out how I could unwrap from his leg that string

Just as I tried to help the bird, I awoke with an energetic zing

I knew that a dream can be a vision, a vision of something ahead

But the question was what I had to do to prepare for the walk instead

I needed something that I could use to cut the string from the leg

That beautiful eagle had to be free I felt the bird did beg

I cannot help but relate it to how in this world where we all live

That freedom is key, remarkably, something we cannot give

Freedom comes from within our souls, it is a gift with which we are born

The eagle represents freedom to us, this eagle to me did warn

Go back to sleep, look deep in your heart, find a way to even the score

Figure it out how to cut the string, so once again I, the eagle, can soar