The In One

Annette had just hit her ball, Caroline was next

We worked our way up number twelve, it follows in this text

We reached the top, we’re on the green, the green is quite the shelve

That’s when we heard the burst of sound, we, on top of twelve

The sound was coming to us, it came from thirteen green

The group that was ahead of us, was making a noise scene

We finished twelve and moved ahead, to thirteen a par three

What we observed on thirteen green, was what we like to see

Marlene had hit her five wood, the ball up in the air

It landed on the green rolling to the pin, I swear

Then Jackie, Deb and Wendy had given a great shout

They were simply cheering, for the shot that had rung out

For Marlene had hit the shot, the shot of great achieve

The shot she hit took the path into the cup, I believe

We saw Marlene walking toward the pin without her putter

She picked her ball up from the cup, not a word did she utter

And, suddenly, we heard the sound, the sound of joy we knew

Because it came so suddenly, we thought, “Can it be true?”

For when we first began to play, we all heard Lori say

“We haven’t had a hole in one, not for many a day.”

She is the Sleuth

I feel the fire moving, it moves within my heart
The fire has such character, it moves to every part
Do not listen to what they say, it may not be the truth
Did they listen when she spoke, the words a blasting sleuth

This sleuth is here, she moves about, she looks for every sign
She reads, she studies, she works it in, it is all by design
Her program works, it always has, she follows all the clues
Her investigation, a thorough job, she really pays her dues

Investigation is never near, it comes without a veil
The research is severely slow, I think as if a snail
And, when she speaks, her words are true, this cannot be denied
If you can’t hear, your ears are closed, you haven’t really tried

I know the truth, I speak of it, I’ve written all details
So you can listen or read yourself, I’ll create it in the tales
There’s a missing part you must decipher, the meaning as it shines
For in this case, to be discovered, you must read between the lines

When You Meet Lucky

Some people come into the world and make it better.
They make it better for everyone they meet.
That person for so many of us is Mr. “Lucky” Lowman.

When I met Lucky I felt it
I felt it in my heart

So, it is time for me to talk
To talk about his chart

His chart is quite the history
The history to be told

For if you view his life
His life the unique mold

I really don’t know how
Know how it came to be

He signed up for the fight
The fight of our country

In World War II he flew his plane
His plane a fighter true

Korea was next to test his skills
His skills they were true blue

The last he fought, Vietnam it was
Vietnam it was the end

So, home he came to live his life
His life which we commend

He used skill as a golf pro
A golf pro we admire

It is easy to see the results
The results to which we aspire

For not only were his golfing skills
Golfing skills we all respect

He shared his skills by teaching us
Teaching us golf aspect

It is not always easy to see
To see what will transpire

The wonderful man who we love
We love with total fire

The fire is for love of life
Of life we so shortly live

So remember that life is full for us
For us we continue give

Lucky has given so much to us
To us he will always be

The man we love to never forget
Never forget his history

His history of life is only one song
One song we sing to the end

For we are a community of love
Love that will forever transcend

More on Eagles

Eagles fly above the earth, their freedom so intense

I feel their flight in my heart, giving me clear sense

I sense the wonder and make a wish, the wish a gift for me

That I could be above the earth, the flight of being free

The wings of love surround that bird, above the earth so high

The delicate nature of a bird so large, allied to the sky

As time has moved beyond my thought, a calculated day

The eagle sores above, beyond, not to linger or to stay

Survival is and does exist, for the eagle it is key

The beauty of this wonderous bird is like the ocean sea

The ocean and the eagle bird, big, bold and moving on

The strength that is between the two, as beauty is in the song

Speaking of the Frig

And then, there is the refrigerator, my rather large ice chest 

The food and drink are kept inside, they think they are at rest 

When the door is opened, the light will shine about 

It seems the light is shining, and the food begins to shout 

“It’s time to eat, you silly girl.” I hear the big frig say 

“Pick from the store, your treasure trove.” The food that’s on display 

From the garden the veggies arrived, the frig their cooling home

For each significant vegetable, represents a true gnome 

At last, I stop and feel so blessed, the garden a wonder, the store 

The store is a product of one man’s love, his hobby that I adore