More on Eagles

Eagles fly above the earth, their freedom so intense

I feel their flight in my heart, giving me clear sense

I sense the wonder and make a wish, the wish a gift for me

That I could be above the earth, the flight of being free

The wings of love surround that bird, above the earth so high

The delicate nature of a bird so large, allied to the sky

As time has moved beyond my thought, a calculated day

The eagle sores above, beyond, not to linger or to stay

Survival is and does exist, for the eagle it is key

The beauty of this wonderous bird is like the ocean sea

The ocean and the eagle bird, big, bold and moving on

The strength that is between the two, as beauty is in the song

Speaking of the Frig

And then, there is the refrigerator, my rather large ice chest 

The food and drink are kept inside, they think they are at rest 

When the door is opened, the light will shine about 

It seems the light is shining, and the food begins to shout 

“It’s time to eat, you silly girl.” I hear the big frig say 

“Pick from the store, your treasure trove.” The food that’s on display 

From the garden the veggies arrived, the frig their cooling home

For each significant vegetable, represents a true gnome 

At last, I stop and feel so blessed, the garden a wonder, the store 

The store is a product of one man’s love, his hobby that I adore 

The Awe of Lady Jacqueline Suskin

You, Awe Lady Jacqueline, are something to be seen 

You sit and talk and type, the end is not foreseen 

So, as I sit and wait for you, I know not what will be 

I only know that when you’re through, bliss is what I’ll see

For listening to the sound you type, is music to my ears 

I love to think that we connect, the words on paper hears 

And, when we’re through, we just sit back, the poem the written word 

For you have finished the lesson then, and I, as told, am heard 

When Looking for Truth

The story moves in and then it’s out, it’s not what we would think
As I thought about what I’d heard, it really began to stink
They write, they talk, they speak in lies, for us they do not care
For as they divide, they conquer all and here we sit and stare

Wake up, people, look inside, you really must hear your voice
Your trust has been so misplaced, it is time to make a choice
Sometimes we think that we must stay within the traditional binds
The structures that were set in place, a link to that which blinds

We are not stupid, you want to shout, so lead us not astray
For just this once in your life, do what is right I say
Obey the laws that matter to all, the laws of nature are true
Be good, be fair, be honest as well, for you just haven’t a clue

The clue that matters the most, you see, is a matter of the heart
For if you do not listen within, your brain will never be smart
You have it inside, it is there all the time, just close your eyes to see
Try to regain the person within, the person you really must be

That means that you may have to stand against what you thought you knew
You just need to trust your heart’s inner core, the heart is never untrue
Stop believing the script that creates the fear, develop strength you can stand behind
It is time to listen and follow your heart, to create a new life in kind

Speaking of Wine

As I begin to write this, I truly understand
That kindness is a gift to self, a gift of sweet demand
For when you give to someone else, it comes back to your heart
The feeling strong within a song from you it does not part
And once I gave a gift of wine, I thought the gift unique
I forgot that the receiver was a connoisseur, a wine geek
It should not have mattered for if I could not tell
The person who received the gift was just an awkward quell
For he did not know that I had tried so to impress
It mattered not to him, he could not have cared less
The gift to him was just a thing, his finances were so great
It did not make a difference, for proud had been my state
I tried to make an impression, for that I realize now
Impressions do not the person make, I learned this, oh and how
I learned that to give a gift can only be an act
The act of giving kindness, for sure it is a fact
When your heart is right you know, the gift it may be tough
Remember it’s the thought that counts, and that will be enough